Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Politics of Aesthetics and the Neo-Avant-Garde in Brazil

Marina Corrêa
University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria


The discussion of the aesthetics of the avant-gardes needs to be considered as a global issue, even though its representation differs with each country of origin. This paper will discuss the methods of representation employed by two diametrically opposed artists, whose roots go back to the Brazilian neo-avant- garde movement: Eduardo Kac and André Vallias. This analysis of the avant- gardes within the aesthetic of Modernity is based on Jacques Rancière’s “régimes esthétiques”, his idea of the “partage du sensible”, and on the combination of his concepts of “mésentente et malentendu”. In particular, we will address one specific question related to poetry since the beginning of the Modernity: how does post-neo-avant-garde poetry transfer subjectivity from the poem’s immanence to the reader’s/viewer’s perception and inter-activity?

Subject Areas:Literature, Literary Theory

Keywords:Modern Literature, Politics of Aesthetics, Regimes Esthetiques, Neo-Avant-Garde, Jacques Rancière, Eduardo Kac, André Vallias

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